Ideal House Door Size Standards Based on Height Width and Thickness

Making house doors should not be done haphazardly because there are regulations and size standards that must be taken into account. Find out the ideal height and width standards for house doors in the following article!

Ideal House Door Size Standards

The door in a house is an important element as a means of entry and exit for residents! In the manufacturing and installation process, a frame is required which functions as a place for door construction.

Meanwhile, the calculation and determination of the height, width and thickness of the house door must meet standards because it has an impact on security and beauty.

To avoid mistakes, you should pay attention to the width and height of the house door based on Indonesian National Standards (SNI)..!!

Ideal Home Door Size Standards

According to Architect Achmad Roffie in his statement uploaded on the page, there are three functions of a door in a house.

The first is the function of the main house door which is commonly used as access to the residents and guests of the house.

Second, the door between the rooms in the building and the third service door, such as bathroom doors, kitchen doors, warehouses, and so on.

Each door has a standard size as it functions. So, what is the ideal house door size?

1. The size of the main door of the house is 1 leaf

The size of the main door of the house is 1 leaf

The 1-leaf main door model usually has a standard size of 6 cm on each side.

Meanwhile, for width and height, the size of the main house door is around 80cm x 210 cm with the aim of making it easier when you want to put in large furniture such as sofas, cabinets and others.

In general, the size of a 1-leaf house door in Indonesia is 90 x 210 cm or 120 x 240 with a frame width ranging from 6 to 10 cm and a thickness of 10-15 cm.

If the occupants are above average in height, the size can be adjusted to the same ratio.

2. Leaf House Door Size

Leaf House Door Size

There are also house door models with two door leaves which of course are different in size from one door leaf.

The standard size of a 2-leaf house door is 120 cm x 210 cm or each door is 65-75 cm with a height of 220-240 cm.

In addition to the height of the occupants, usually the size of the overall building also affects the determination of the size of the 2-leaf door.

For example, for a luxury house with a total height of more than 9 meters, the door size will also be higher and wider, for example is 160 x 250 cm.

By knowing the size of the 2-leaf main door, this can make the appearance of the fa├žade and the surrounding area more precise.

3. Sliding Door Size

Sliding Door Size

Sliding doors are usually used as a link between one room and another, for example the family room and kitchen room.

Generally, sliding doors use aluminum rail type material found at the top or bottom of the door. In terms of size, the standard size of sliding doors is 210 cm x 80 cm.

However, this can also be adjusted to the design of the house and the size of the entire house. The size of the door of the house includes the thickness of the frame, which ranges from 92 cm × 220.

4. Bathroom Doors and Other Service Rooms

Bathroom Doors and Other Service Rooms

Especially for bathroom doors or other service rooms have a standard size of 70 cm x 180 cm. As for bathrooms with aluminum doors, the standard size is 40cm x 180 cm.

However, if you prefer a bathroom door with PVC material, usually the size is 72 cm x 220 cm. There are also those that have a standard size of other service rooms of 150 cm x 200 cm.

In fact, for small warehouse doors, it can be reduced to a size of 60 cm x 210 cm.

5. Bedroom


The size of the room door is different from the other doors! The standard width of bedroom doors is usually 80 cm x 190 cm, although some are 80 cm x 200 cm.

Of course, this does not include the size and thickness of the door frame. Usually the size of bedroom door frames that are often used is 4 inches with a thickness of 1-1.5 cm.

The function of the room door is only to enter the occupants of the room and the size of the items put into the room is relatively smaller in size.

By knowing the size of the room door, you can adjust it to the design or plan of the residence.

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